NSNJ Non-Surgical Nose Job

Q: How is a liquid nose job performed?

A: Non-surgical nasal reshaping and refinement are achieved by injecting specific dermal filler, topical lidocaine is applied first to minimize discomfort, then proceeding with hyaluronic acid filler such as Restylane.

Q: What can a liquid Rhinoplasty correct?

A: Small humps and bumps, moderate to hollow in nasal bridge, slender or drooping nasal tip, crooked nose, and minor irregularities in symmetry.

Q: How is the recovery from a NSNJ?

A: There is no downtime. It is a non-invasive procedure and patients resume to their normal daily activities. There will be swelling, redness, or slight bruising. Avoid exercise between 24-48 hours.

Q: How long until I see results?

A: The best part of a NSNJ is the results are instant and you can see the immediately

Chin and Jawline Augmentation For Men and Women

Q: How is a jawline filler performed?

A: As we age, we lose bone and fat in our jawline, subtle placement of filler by injecting a water-based gel around the baseline of the jawline. Collagen forms around the gel to give you a more structured baseline.

Q: What can jawline filler correct?

A: Chin and jawline augmentation is a non-invasive non-surgical contouring procedure to give the chin and jawline a more natural structure and volume to the face.

Q: How much filler do I need for a chin or jawline filler?

A: 2-4 syringes which is 1-3 ml depending on individual baseline anatomy and results they are wanting to achieve.

Q: Is jawline filler painful?

A: Although there are needles involved the process is not painful. Lidocaine cream is placed on the baseline area to numb to reduce any discomfort.

Q: How long is the recovery for chin and jawline fillers?

A: Swelling from dermal fillers are resolved in 3-5 days. The treatment takes time in intergrade into your tissues to fully settle into the baseline.

Q: How long until I see the results?

A: You can expect to see the final result two weeks after the filler has settled.

Under Eye Filler

Q: How is under eye filler performed?

A: The area is disinfected under the ye and on the tear through. Processing moving forward numbing the under eyes, cheek, and tear through with lidocaine. Injecting the dermal filler through the tear through to engage and restore collage and volume back into the under eyes.

Q: What can under eye filler correct? Under eye filler is really good for bags and dark circles under the eyes, it is a non-surgical noninvasive procedure that eliminates tired dark bags and circles for a more radiant glow and youthful appearance.

Q: How much filler do I need under my eyes?

A: Depending on the client and anatomy of the under eye, everyone is different. Most procedures are 1-2 syringes of Restylane Lift filler or Sculptra to define and add volume to under eye.

Q: Is there any contraindications to eye filler?'

A: Everyone is different. Some clients may have slightly bruising due to medication, etc. Some redness, swelling is normal, otherwise. no downtime.

Q: Is under eye filler painful?

A: No. Providing numbing cream and lidocaine injection there is little to no pain. No downtime. Some results are different than others, but results are beneficial for your solution.

Q: How often do I have to get under eye filler?

A: Every 6-8 months. Like other cosmetic procedures, you have to Maintenace your beauty.

Q: How long until I see final results?

A: 2-4 weeks, timing of the essence is everything